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Mudra therapy by Anantbodh Chaitanya

Introduction about Mudras:
The human body can be compared to miniature form of the universe. It represents the universe and just like the universe it is made up of the fusion of five elements - Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Space. The science of mudra is based on the principle that the root cause of disease is the imbalance and Improper coordination between these elements and the proper balance between these elements is the secret of good health.
Our body is self-dependent for proper health.
Human body is an accumulation of numerous mysteries. The Creator has made it completely self-dependent. Our body has the power of remaining immune to diseases, as well as curing them. The human brain is even more efficient than the most modem computers, which can be guessed from the fact that even a research of thousands of years could not yet reveal all the mysteries of the brain. Not only are the brain, the eyes and the hands, the feet also not less than a wonder.
According to the Science of Mudra, the secret of good health lies in the hands, fingers and Mudras which can be performed with the help of fingers.
Human being is the best creation of Nature and hands are very important organs of the human being. A particular kind of energy or Electro-Magnetic waves or the electricity of the body (aura), is continuously emitted from our hands. In touch therapy, rubbing our palms on each other, to generate heat, combined with Touch, along with the power of mind, various parts of our body can be beautified and molded in an ideal shape and it also has a mystery five elements on the fingers reusability to cure all diseases. Acupressure Therapy is based on the fact that the key to our health lies in our hands, or in the various points of the palms of our hands. Our hands work as our body's Health Control Department.

Origin of Mudras:-

In India, mudras are an established component of all religious activities.
The various mudras and hastas (arm poses) are significant in the depiction of Hindu gods. In addition to body postures and attributes, they also represent the distinguishing characteristics of various deities. The person at prayer sees a special power, capability, and strength of character in these mystical hand poses. The best-known mudras belong to Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver), and Shiva (Destroyer).
The mudras are just as familiar in Indian & Balinese dance.
"The hands are the bearers of important symbols, which are still universally understood in the East today. With his or her hands, the Indian dancer expresses the life of the universe. Through its variety of interpretive possibilities, the rich symbolism of the dance's language of gestures gains a greater significance for the mind than words could express. . . . The spiritual meaning of the mudras found its perfect expression in Indian art. The gestures of the deities depicted in Hindu and Buddhist art . . . symbolize their functions or evoke specific mythological occurrences.
Mudras are also practiced in Tantric rituals. They play a large role in Buddhism, where six mudras are very familiar in the pictorial depictions of Gautama Buddha. These are very closely related to his teachings and his life. Hatha Yoga also expresses the many states of mind, such as mourning, joy, anger, and serenity, through gestures and body positions. They realize that the reverse also applies—certain gestures can positively influence the psyche.
Mudras are not only found in Asia, but they are also used throughout the entire world. In their rituals, our European ancestors certainly were familiar with specific gestures, which they used to underline and seal what they thought and wanted to say. During the Christianization of the Nordic peoples, many gestures were initially prohibited, such as invoking the gods with raised arms. Later, these gestures were partially integrated into the Christian teachings.

Does and doesn’t:-
·       Wash your hands with water.
·       Then rub your hands against each other about 10 times and hold hands before your Navel Chakra (this will help energy to flow in your hands).
·       When fingers touch the pressure exerted should always be very light and the hands should be relaxed.
·       Mudras can be done in any position. One can be seated, standing, lying down and even walking.
·       The body should be loose and relaxed and cantered. It is important not to be tense because that will hinder the flow of energy.
·       After preparing for the practicing session, there are the following ways to practice the same:
·       If you are seated, sit with your back straight, either with legs crossed or on a straight-backed chair.
·       Put your fingers together as described in each Mudra. Just exert that much pressure to feel the flow of energy.
·       Go slow with the Mudras. You should not rush into them but try a few with patience.
·       Breathe in an even, slow, flowing, and gentle way.
·       Never end the meditation suddenly. Always vigorously stretch your arms and legs.

1 Gyan Mudra
2. Vayu Mudra
3 Akash Mudra
4. Shunya Mudra
5. Prithvi Mudra
6. Surya Mudra
7. Varun Mudra
8. Jalodarnshak Mudra
9. Pran Mudra
10. Apan Mudra
11. Apan Vayu Mudra
12. Linga Mudra
13. Shankh Mudra
14. Sahaj Shankh Mudra
15. Dhyan Mudra

Common rules to be followed while doing the mudras:
1. The mudras mentioned above are very important in maintaining health. Men women, children, old people, anybody can perform these mudras at any time. There are no strict rules of posture or direction to be faced etc. We can perform them any time anywhere, while travelling, while watching T.V., doing any work, while walking, sitting etc.
2. Mudras are to be performed with both the hands. Benefits can also be obtained by doing mudras with one hand, like the Gyan Mudra. The left part of the body is benefitted by performing mudras by the right hand.
3. We should perform mudras with ease and light pressure on fingers.
If remaining fingers are to be kept straight, they should also be kept straight with ease. Touching of fingers to each other is very important in mudras. Remaining fingers may be kept in any comfortable position.
4. Time limit - Any mudra should be practiced on both the hands for
At least 45 minutes every day. A desirable change in the body elements can be seen only after 45 minutes. Thus the minimum duration of 45 minutes at daily, is especially essential for a Sadhak.
 Beginners should start practicing with ten minutes in the beginning extending up to one hour at the most.
Simple way to learn mudra is to practice mudra for 15 minutes in the morning and for 15 minutes in the evening regularly. If someone finds it difficult to remain in a single mudra for 45 minutes then he should try the above mentioned way. This practice also gives favorable results, though it may take more time than usual. Sadhak should be practiced mudra sincerely with faith. Diseased can be cured and the healthy can keep still better health.  If you are suffering from any disease, you can practice the mudra related to the disease, a patient should practice the corresponding mudra for 45 to 50 minutes. But according to patients needs or Capacity, one "can increase or decrease the time limit. Chronicle diseases may take more time to get cured, but any mudra performed even for 1 second, can help to create vibrations in the important Yogic chakras and in the remotest muscle centers of our body, which prove beneficial.
Mudras like Shunya mudra or Vayu mudra are to be performed only till the curing of the disease. When the disease is cured then one should not practice these mudras for a long time, as it may be harmful. Mudras like Pran mudra, Gyan mudra, Apan mudra, Prithvi mudra can be practiced for as much time as one wish to.
5. Effect of Mudra - Mudras like Shunya mudra and Apan mudra show their effect immediately, while some mudras need considerable practice to show their effects. Gyan, Apan, Prithvi and Pran mudra are of such type that more you practice them; better results can be obtained. Diseased or healthy, anyone can practice Pran mudra at his own wish and can get better results. If a person is healthy and wants to maintain his health, then he should at least practice Pran mudra or Gyan mudra for some time every day.
6. Mudras can be practiced along with other treatment - Mudra Therapy never hinders doctor's treatment given to diseased. It in fact helps the diseased person to get cured quickly. Mudra therapy can also be practiced along with other medicinal treatment and still it shows good results.
Practicing mudra, works out to give favorable results even if you do not conceptually believe in the method.
By practicing mudras, it is possible to carry out minute changes in our body, which are practically impossible for our present science because the minute pulse centers and the switch-board of the Bio-Eclectically is in our two palms, which gets affected by pressing our hands. For example, in case of a sudden heart-attack, if a person does not have effective medicine then the person should immediately perform Apan Vayu mudra with both the hands, which shows quick effects. It works like the Allopathic tablet 'Sorbitol. In a few seconds the gas in our body which gives pressure on our heart is released and the victim can be saved from death even before the arrival of Doctor.
Method of performing the Mudras

Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge):

Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out.
As it is a mudra of knowledge, it enhances the knowledge. The tip of thumb has centers of pituitary and endocrine glands. When we press these centers by index finger the two glands work actively.
Time duration:
There is no particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice by sitting, standing or lying on bed whenever and wherever you have time.
Gyan mudra is a boost for students. It helps to increase the memory and sharpens is Intelligence.
Sleeplessness can be cured by the regular practice of this mudra. Mental tensions, working pressure etc. results badly on the health of bur brain arid we suffer from sleeplessness. It works like a sleeping pill in such cases.
This mudra helps In Increasing brain power and removes the ill effects caused due to mental tension. Regular practice of Gyan mudra cures all the mental disorders and diseases like madness, hysteria, crackness, anger, laziness, depression. Mind becomes quiet and spiritual Joy reflects on our face. This mudra is remarkable to be be free from problems of anger, excitement and mental tensions.
It increases memory power and sharpens the brain.
Enhances concentration and prevents Insomnia
If we practice it regularly, it will cure all psychological disorders like Mental, Hysteria, Anger and Depression

Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air):

Keep the index finger on the base of the thumb and presses with thumb keeping the other three fingers are straight.
It prevents all the diseases that occur due to the imbalance of the air.
Time Duration:
The practice of this mudra for 45 minutes reduces the severity of the disease in 12 to 24 hours. For better results practice it for two months.
It cures Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout, Parkinson's disease and paralysis without any medicine
It is useful for Cervical Spondylitis, paralysis to face and catching of nerve in neck
It corrects the disorder of gas in the stomach
This mudra helps in getting rid of defects in the Saturn mount and the Saturn line, according to palmistry.

Akash Mudra (Mudra of Sky):

The tip of the middle finger is to be touched to the tip of the thumb in this mudra. Remaining fingers are to be kept straight but at ease.
1. Practice of this mudra increases Akash or Space element in our body. So the diseases caused by the deficiency of this element can be cured within a few days’ practice.
Middle finger is specially related to our heart, so this mudra is beneficial to our heart. Thus the middle finger is mostly used while chanting of beads.
2. Chanting of beads - If chanting of beads is for worldly pleasures like for wealth or peace and happiness in family life or desire' for a son, then the chanting is done with the thumb and middle finger. (Those who want moksha, they use their ring finger and thumb. If a person wants to end enimity or suffering then he uses index finger). When we are chanting beads the Mala should be in the right hand thumb and touching our heart. While chanting beads our nails should not touch the beads and should not pass the Meru or the Centre bead, otherwise we do not get desired results. Mala should be with 108 beads and beautiful meru or center bead. If auspicious or good desires are to be fulfilled, then use white mala, to get rid of suffering use red mala. Like Mala, there is a specific way of touching the feet of the elders. We should cross our hands and touch the feet of the person to whom we want to show respect, may be our Guru, so that our right hand touches his right foot and the left hand touches his left foot. When one touches the feet in this manner then the negative and positive current of electricity coming from his body (the guru's) prove beneficial to the student.

Time Duration:
This mudra is to be practiced when needed only or a limited time.


It helps to develop noble & elevated thoughts.
To develop intuition and extra sensory powers (ESP)
To detoxify the body by the elimination of metabolic wastes (through exhaled air, sweat, urine and stools)
To overcome a feeling of fullness / heaviness in the body or body parts.
To overcome discomfort caused by over-eating.
To relieve congestion (and pain) in the head (due to migraine or sinusitis), ear/s (due to infection), chest (due to infection / asthma)
High blood pressure
Irregular heart-beats
Angina pectoris

According to palmistry diseases related to Shani Griha (Saturn) can be cured when Shani (Saturn) is passive in his horoscope.

Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness):

Keep the middle finger at the mount of Venus and press it with thumb.
It reduces the dullness in our body.
Time Duration:
One can practice it for 40 to 60 minutes daily until to be cured from the disease.
It relieves an earache within 4 or 5 minutes
It is useful for the deaf and mentally challenged, but not for inborn ones.

Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth):

Tip of the ring finger touches the tip of the thumb, with the other three fingers stretched out.
It reduces all physical weaknesses.
Time Duration:
It has no particular time duration. You can practice it any time you want.
It helps to increase the weight for weak people
It improves the complexion of skin and makes the skin to glow
It makes the body active by keeping it healthy

Surya Mudra (Mudra of Sun):
Bend the ring finger and press it with thumb.
It sharpens the center in thyroid gland.
Time Duration:
Practice it daily twice for 5 to 15 minutes.
It reduces cholesterol in body and helps in reducing weight
It reduces anxiety
It corrects indigestion problems

Varuna Mudra (Mudra of Water):

Tip of little finger touches the tip of thumb, with the other three fingers stretched out.
It balances the water content and prevents all diseases which come due to lack of water.
Time Duration:
It has no specific time duration and one can practice it according to their time.
It retains clarity in blood by balancing water content in the body
Prevents the pains of Gastroenteritis and Muscle Shrinkage

Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life):

Bend ring finger and little finger and touch the tip of thumb with their tips keeping the remaining two fingers stretched.
As it is the mudra of life, it improves the power of life. Weak people become strong. It reduces the clamps in blood vessels. If we practice it regularly, we will become active.
Time Duration:
No specific time duration. One can practice it any time.
It improves immunity
Improves the power of eyes and reduces eye related diseases
It removes the vitamin deficiency and fatigue

Apana Mudra (Mudra of Digestion):

The tips of middle finger and ring finger touch the tip of thumb while the other two fingers are stretched out.
It plays an important role in our health as it regulates the excretory system.
Time Duration:
Practice it daily for 45 minutes, but practice for longer time yields more benefits.
It regulates diabetes
It cures constipation and piles
It helps excreting the normal waste regularly

Apana Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Heart):

The tips of the middle finger and ring finger touch the tip of thumb, while the index finger touches the base of thumb and little finger stretched out.
It benefits the heart. It works like injection in the reduction of heart attack. It reduces the gas content in body.
Time Duration:
Practice it as many times as you can. Heart patients and BP patients can practice it for 15 minutes daily twice for better results.
It strengthens the heart and regularizes palpitation
It regulates excretory system
It redeems gastric trouble

Linga Mudra (Mudra of Heat):

Interlock the fingers of both the hands and keep the thumb of the left hand vertically straight and encircle it with the thumb and the index finger of the right hand.
It generates heat in our body. Take milk, ghee, more water and fruit juices in addition to practice of this mudra for much benefits.
Time Duration:
Practice it any time you want. But don't practice it a lot as it produces heat in the body. It can cause sweating even in winter if you practice it longer.
It stops production of phlegm and gives power to lungs
It cures severe cold and bronchial infection
It invigorates the body

Shankha Mudra (Mudra of Conch):

The left thumb should be held in the right fist and then the left index finger should touch the right thumb. Three remaining fingers of left hand, together should give light pressure on fingers of the closed first of the right hand. This mudra should be alternately done, switching the right and the left hands.
In this mudra the thumb presses the palm and the three fingers of closed inside first press mount of shukra. Ultimately the pressure comes on the centers of Navel and Thyroid glands (according to Acupressure therapy). Thus diseases connected or related to the navel and thyroid glands can be cured by this mudra. 2. This mudra is used for prayers also.  
Time Duration:
It can be practiced for a long time.
Long practice of shankha mudra cures any vocal defects. It benefits thyroid glands and throat, helping to make your voice sweet and enhances its quality. Shankh mudra specially affects the nabhi chakra and benefits 72.000 blood vessels and also the muscular system. It benefits the digestive system. As digestion is improved, diet is also improved. Diseases of abdomen and intestines can be cured by the practice of this mudra.
It helps in better digestion
Thyroid Glands
Enhances quality of voice

Jalodarnshak Mudra:

This mudra is formed by first placing the tip of the little finger on the base of the thumb and then bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon this finger. This amounts to suppression of element water (residing in the little finger) by element fire (residing in the thumb).
It brings about a reduction of the Jal (water) element within the body.
Time Duration:
It can be done only 15 to 30 Minutes.

Edema (water-retention)
Dropsy Excessive salivation Watery eyes
Running nose
Hyperacidity, Diarrhea (loose motions)
Pleural effusion (pleurisy)
Effusion in a joint
Excess of hormones
Excessive menses (menorrhagia)
Cold and clammy body / hands/feet Disorders of Vaata deficiency

Collected by Anantbodh Chaitanya


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